3 pack pet friendly fragrance oil for odor control and calming pets

Three Pet-Friendly Scents Which Exude Tranquility, Freshness and Warmth.

  • Fur-Ever Young
  • Cozy Cushion
  • Paw-Fectly Fresh
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Safe For The Whole Family

Specially blended ingredients eliminate odors and enjoyed by both cats and dogs.

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Try Our Full Solution

  • Three scents
  • Multiple sizes offered
  • Diffusers for every room size
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Introducing the first of its kind pet friendly indoor air freshening fragrances - specially crafted for you and your furry companions.

Smart devices designed to distribute fragrances with increased longevity and potency.

Keep your indoor space calm, fresh and free of toxins with Pet Preferred Fragrances.

  • Delightful Array of Aromas

    Specially crafted to create a pet-friendly palace.

  • Calming and Soothing Aromas

    Enjoyed by both four-legged furry friends and pet parents.

  • Neutralize Malodors

    Enhance your home with a unique collection of fragrances which effectively manage odors.